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Since 1870


Your current hosts, Peter and Johan.


Even though our company is located in Hungary the gems will be shipped from the Netherlands and your warranty and return will be at an address in the Netherlands or Hungary. 

 Payment by NL bankaccount or Paypal


International Certified Gemstones

The best certificed gemstones from over the whole world, real and natural mostly handcut by local native people for living in Their own environment.

No computer-controlled grinding machine, but locally handmade and sometimes rough gems


About Us


De Kuijper, is an old Dutch nobility family company founded 1870 in Oisterwijck as a manufacturer of luxury cigars.

Their quality soon provided the title of the court supplier of the Turkish Consul and the Russian Tsar.

Now the company sales luxury certified gems, for collectors and lovers.






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Design philosophy

We are always looking for the most beautiful types of gems big or small around the world and then certify most of them in India.


Why India?

Which is one of the three largest emerging economies in the world.

They are far ahead in the field of Gem technology, and certificates are still affordable compared to the internationally recognized as example Antwerps GIA.

The customer knows exactly what he buys and this is how we  can keep our prices as low as they are. No fakes or counterfeit. True Natural gemstones ***all shown in a video*** are of paramount importance to us


We have one shipping rule, over 100 euro purchases, free shipping worldwide.